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Sakeji. Isn't that a wonderful name? Sakeji School, tucked away in the north-eastern corner of Zambia is still going strong - the school celebrated 75 years of existence in 2000.

When I was there from 1955 to 1960, the students were missionaries' children whose families came from Canada, the United States, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland.

How long those 18 week terms seemed to me as a child and what adventures we had as we travelled to get there. It took us the better part of three days to travel from eastern Congo. Others came from Angola, Zambia, Malawi or even farther away.

Then, the head master and mistress were Mr. and Mrs. Hess.

I keep in loose touch with very few friends from my years there, and my memories of Sakeji are bittersweet.

I wanted to go to the 75th anniversary of Sakeji in 2000 very much but there were several reasons why it didn't work out. My strong desire puzzled me because my years at Sakeji weren't the happiest of my life.

When I read the review of the anniversary by Hilary Millard, I became conscious of the reason my desire was so strong. It was her "hurts laid to rest" that spoke to me. Mr. Matthew Raymond, who was principal at that time, was wise to allow time for this important process.

Marilyn (Gifford) Barr from my class at Sakeji, sent me souvenirs, photos and updates on the people who were at the reunion from my time and I was very grateful.

You can read about the anniversary at the official Sakeji site (see below).

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