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updated May 18, 2002


I love reading and try to take time each day to read. See my notes about the best books (or best children's books) I've read.

Astronomy and Star Lore

Astronomy an anontated list of links

Alternative Architecture

Architecture - especially alternative buildings - I'd like to build one myself. (again, many links)

Web Page Help

Books and sites about HTML and web design that I've found helpful are:

- HTML:An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners This site is excellent. The tutorial teaches the basics very quickly - I used it to get my site up and running.
- Browser Safe Colors
- Backgrounds This site has a great setup for viewing the backgrounds.
- More backgrounds
- Mike's Web Resources Lots of stuff here - backgrounds, HTML help, links, etc.
- Web Design (one of the pages of Mike's Web Resources above) filled with excellent links

- Public Domain Maps can be found at The World Fact Book
- If you're looking for a web host - somewhere to put your site - I found Web Host Directory helpful in steering me to some good places.
- To sign up for your own domain name go to Network Solutions. Or your chosen web host might have information about how to sign up.

Web and email definitions

What do those funny little symbols like :-) mean? Find out at Emoticons
If you are SITD, then, FWIW, look up the meaning of Acronyms
Some buzz-words defined at Definitions

If you think you have a web page that might fit on this page, let me know at and I'll check it out and maybe add a link.

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