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updated August 2003

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My very most favourite site is Astronomy Picture of the Day. There is so much to learn in this site from NASA in an esay, relaxed way. There are awesome pictures of galaxies or nebula or other phenomenon some days, historical or educational pictures other days. Always interesting and always links if you want to learn more.

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but I, too, often find interesting stuff on these sites.

Star Lore from our own and other cultures

I first became interested in this subject when I worked in Botswana and the nights were almost always clear. I would lie out in my courtyard watching the brilliant southern sky. In my office, I found a simple child's book about the stars and I was hooked. I wish I had written down more of what I learned about the star lore of Botswana. I remember that when Venus is the Morning Star, the Setswana name for it translates (I paraphrase): "Kiss me, I have to leave now."

Andromeda Story
This starmap from Philippe Lattire's Planisphere Celeste (1705) was part of the exhibition mentioned above:
Out of This World: The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas
Constellations shown are Cepheus, the King; Cassiopeia, his Queen;
Andromeda, their daughter, chained as a sacrifice to Cetus (not shown); and Perseus, the hero who rescues the princess.

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