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tree This pencil drawing and the next
were done on our way to the lawyer
where Em would sign that she wanted to be adopted.

(February 1999)
We had some time to kill so I drew trees.
Em drew trees, too.
A portrait of mom Martha after tiring of trees.
Em carefully counted the buttons on my dress.
She gave me high heels because she thought I'd look better in them.
And finally gave me our cat as a companion.

A lot of hair. (March 1999)

Dinosaur with a pink head. (April 1999)

Em has so many friends. (February 2000)

My all-time favourite drawing from Em.
(April 2002)
A smelly, sunburned sheep with freckles.
No one knows what's wrong to make the sheep stink so.
The green lines are the smells which the plants and butterfly don't like.
But the flies like the smell and the frog likes the flies.

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