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Stories of My Family

updated August 15, 2003
  • Adoption Adjustment This story originally appeared in the SPA newsletter in 1994. It is about my adjustment to Dee (and hers to me).

  • Family Profile (1997) This was the profile we gave to social workers when we wanted to add to our family by adoption.

  • My Two Girls This story originally appeared in Roots and Wings (July/August/September 1999) - a great adoption magazine which combined with Adoption Today in March, 2001.

  • Em's Adjustment The story of Em's adjustment to our family from my point of view. Well, this is what I'd hoped to post but Em didn't OK my version so it will have to wait.

  • Adoption Vignettes Family stories that have to do with adoption.

  • Transracial Vignettes Stories about the trans-racial aspect of our family.

  • Family Vignettes Stories of family life and parenting.

  • More stories will be added soon.

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