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Family Profile (1997)

this is the profile we used when we wanted to add to our family by adoption again


The Family of Martha and Dee

Hello. I'm Martha, the mother, and I'd like to introduce you to our family and tell you how we live.

You can see what we look like from our picture. Dee is 7 and has dark hair which she wants to grow. She likes to make different hair styles but she hates to comb it. I have short, white hair and lots of people ask Dee if I'm her grandmother. But I'm not. I'm her adoptive mother. We've been together for 3 and a half years. Dee's birthday is in October, near Halloween, and that's why Fall is her favourite season.

We live in north Etobicoke on the top (18th) floor of an apartment building, where there is a beautiful view. We can see the CN Tower, our neighbourhood, and planes coming in to land at the airport. The swimming pool is one of the reasons we like living here. We also have many friends in the building. It's easy to visit them or to invite them over. It's also easy to find babysitters.

Our apartment has 3 bedrooms. We have books, our desks and the computer in one of them. We both sleep in the biggest room which is also the playroom. The living room is big enough to dance in and Dee puts on wonderful shows for me.

Dee went to French Immersion for Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 but now she's in Grade 1 in English. She likes gym and singing classes best and also recess when she can play with her friends. I am a teacher of computer science at a high school not far from home. I used to teach full time but recently started part time (2/3) and there's now more time to do other things I like. I like to read, study and learn more about math, woodworking, health, astronomy and all sorts of things.

Sometimes we get colds and coughs but mostly we're healthy and try to keep healthy by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and exercising and going to bed on time.

I am a "morning" person. I like to get up very early. Dee says I get up when it's still night and people should be sleeping. I do exercises, reading, thinking, school work and cooking before Dee gets up (around 7:30 on school days). Dee is a "night" person. She hates to go to bed at 8:30 on school nights. In the holidays, she goes to bed at 10:00. She is grouchy in the morning and I'm grouchy at night.


Dee loves watching TV. Her favourite show is Sailor Moon. She also loves Barbies, playing dress up and house, and going to the park. She swims like a mermaid, skates in winter, rollerblades other times and dances almost every day. She'd like to take Karate lessons. She wants to be a singer and a dancer when she grows up.

I like swimming, skipping, and walking but I can't skate. In spring and summer, I like to garden. We grow flowers and vegetables on our balcony. This year we will have a garden on the ground, too, and Dee wants to play Secret Garden.

In my opinion, it's more important to be kind, honest, and content than to be rich or to get good marks in school. It's hard to be kind and truthful all the time, but I try so that Dee will have a good idea of how to live. She helps me - if she thinks I'm "being mean" to her, she lets me know and we talk about it. Sometimes I need to say "sorry" and sometimes she needs to understand why she has to do something she doesn't want to do or stop doing something she wants to do.

Family and friends are the best things in life so we go to Windsor a lot to see grandparents and cousins. It's a good thing we like travelling because our friends and cousins live in many cities - we've been to Ottawa, Montreal, Sault St. Marie to visit them and last year, we flew to Vancouver. Dee likes to visit as long as there's someone for her to play with and fortunately, most homes have children. She's made lots of friends.

Her friends say Dee is rich because she has lots of toys. She keeps them quite tidy, too. One time when her (foster) sister slept over, they made a tent by putting sheets around her bunk bed. Dee liked it so much that she still has it. It makes her feel cosy.

I was very happy when Dee came to live with me. Together, we think we have a nice family and we'd like to share our love, home and "stuff" with another child. We think a younger sister would be great (although we think a brother would be fine, too). That's why we're asking to adopt another girl.

So that's my story of our family. Dee checked it and says it's true.

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