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Em's Adjustment

What I can manage at this point.

I wrote a piece about Em's adjustment but before I post information about my girls I like to read it to them and get their OK. Em became very upset with my version of the story so I told her I wouldn't post it until it was acceptable to her.

It was a very difficult adjustment all around and my hope was that others would be helped by the telling of the story - encouraged to know they weren't alone if they were going through a difficult adjustment; encouraged to know that the adjustment period will come to an end. This will have to wait for another time.

Em has adjusted to our family, though, and we to her. She is now very much a part of who we are. It took a long time and there are still some ups and downs but Em is valued for her many and varied talents: she is loving, sensitive, creative, persevering, charming, outspoken and eager to learn and live life fully. We are glad she came to live with us.

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